First time to be an anchor without speaking Chinese

My first time to be a cut-in anchor means a lot to me. I was the Chinese news anchor at Newsy. Now I’m proud that I’m able to anchor, but not just for Chinese program. It’s something that I’ve been expecting for a long time. To me, this position is much more difficult than other people. To me, it means a lot, a lot of work.

The biggest challenge is my accent. Although I still have it, I did improve a lot. Some of my friends who happened to see my cast told me that they were excited about my progress. I appreciated my friends encouragement a lot, feeling so happy to know it.

I also did serious self-critique. I played the video back a couple of time, trying to find every imperfectness where there could be improvement. First, I notice my pitch was higher than it could have been. Nice deep voice is more appreciated than high girlish voice in broadcast. Greeley told me the reason could be nervous. I agree with him although I didn’t appear to be nervous, which was good. Second, I can hear the gasping in between. I think it’s also because I was nervous and I didn’t use body breath, which means breathing deeply from belly, very well. Third, Greeley told me my smile was warm and good, but I shouldn’t have keep that smile from the beginning to the end. My expression and delivery should vary according to different stories.

Learning from each experience is always rewarding. I wouldn’t have caught those imperfectness unless I actually did it. I expect more progress during the next shift. My first two cut-ins were far from perfect, but they are like a milestone of my life.