Up on the 9th Floor — Reflection on The Ninth Floor by Jessica Dimmock

Get The 9th Floor at the Media Storm

I was in NYC for Christmas and the New Year, and the city is still vivid in my mind, for the prosperous and the dark. Jessica Dimmock’s story in NY caught my attention.

I’m impressed by Dimmock’s storytelling, which is done by excellent journalism and the art of photography. The story focus is about despair, addiction, struggle and life. The slide show together with the soundbites are so powerful that it touched my heart. So I watched the slide show repeatedly and paused, thinking and learning Dimmock’s delivery. I noticed that she put a couple of photos from a same setting together, which reveals the significantly different expression on the character’s face in different pictures. I even asked myself, what would be the next facial expression like. This kind of work makes me think.

Also as to the content, Dimmock told us the whole story. She didn’t just provide the pictures, but there was a story there. The young couple loved each other but fought badly at first; their baby turned them to a new life. Jessie struggled with drug addiction and her health became an issue. Yet, we don’t know their future. Their stories and what they have been experienced highlight the impact of drug on their lives.

My favorite picture of Jessica Dimmock

However, this is a controversial story. Privacy is revealed. The darkness on the 9th floor is vividly showed to the viewers. It’s like when you look the flesh under the scar, the process is painful. But that’s where the solution is expected. Journalism is supposed to report these issues, and give voices to people who are not receiving public attention, like the folks on the 9th floor.

I admire this work because it not only grabbed my attention and impressed me with the powerful visuals, it also made me think. I consider it as my journalistic goal. I would like to have the similar effects in my stories.


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