Inmate Recycling Program in Hagerstown, Maryland

On January 9, I am excited to work on the story, which I set up last week. It’s about a recycling program of the prisons. I heard about the story when I was doing the Christmas trees recycling story. The manager of the landfill mentioned it. I felt it would be a very interesting story to tell people about something they probably don’t know. I followed up, made a couple of phone calls and finally contacted the PR person with Maryland Correctional Enterprises. She told me she was a reporter before, and she helped me set up the time for doing this story.

There are 6 inmates working at the recycling plant, separating and loading plastics, card board, paper, etc. I talked to two of the inmates. I was kind of surprised to see that they really love this job. I was impressed when one guy told me he wakes up 3:30 in the morning to get prepared for his job, and he would volunteer to work even when he is not scheduled to work.

As an intern, I was so glad that I have developed my own feature story. I know it was my passion in journalism that have driving me and motivating me all the time


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