Journalism practice at Newsy


 is a place that makes me feel real world practice in journalism. I met Jim, Christina and Megan last semester at a journalism students’ network meeting. They are amazingly nice people and introduced me to the company. I started to write story scripts, shadowing Una, who became the manager of Newsychina later on. She had this great idea to produce stories in Chinese and promote Newsy to Chinese-speaking audience, which is a huge market.

We encountered difficulties in terms of entering Chinese market due to the regulation. We began to upload videos on Youtube, but the problem is that Youtube is blocked in China either. This Saturday marks the first day when Newsychina program first reaches Chinese audience: four news stories are uploaded on Youku, which is a Chinese version Youtube, I would say. We didn’t get the chance to do it because it only works in PC, but we use Mac at Newsy. Therefore, I bring the videos to my computer and upload them to Youku. Now they are viewed by Chinese audience, which makes me excited to think about.

I appreciate our talented producer Fiona. During the summer break, we are short of staff, and there would be no way for us to make it without your great efforts and dedication, which are beyond description.

Link to Youku:


Newsy China


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  1. zhoyoyo
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 23:22:07

    Nice work !! Hope it gets promoted in China! Is it only because of the operating system that the video was banned on Youku??


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