VOICES— Looks like I will be in Detroit this Summer!

Some good news came to Michelle:) I am admitted to the 2011 Voices program of Asian American Journalism Association (AAJA).

I met the President of AAJA when i was in Pheonix, Ariz., for the ACES National Conference. I asked her if there would be any way for me to participate in AAJA, and she suggested me to apply for this student program. I went through the required materials for application and prepared. At first I really didn’t expect to be accepted because I heard that the program would be “highly competitive.” There seemed to be a long list for the required materials, and they expect me to submit three work samples from three different areas (eg: print, online, broadcast, etc.) However, I had trouble to submit a sample of broadcast, which is my favorite area as well as my sequence at J-school. I wished to submit the Newsy China story, which I anchored and wrote at Newsy. However, the Newsy China program was not fully developed yet so my video was not online. In addition, I had to respect the company’s policy so I didn’t want to copy my video for personal use before publication. With the above concern, I didn’t think I could make it. However, I was lucky because Newsy decided to upload the videos online then. Therefore, I ended up with three good samples to submit and I got the congratulations from the committee! It made my day!

For my application essay, I wrote an essay titled “My Cross Cultural Backgrounds in Journalism,” which explains my passion in Journalistic field, my journalism work experience, yearlong job as a liaison between Columbia and its sister city in China, and my potential contribution to the Voices project with my upbringing in China and journalism education in U.S. I believe that this student program will offer a platform for people from different backgrounds to communicate. Journalism is a discourse focused around different cultures, and this is especially a significant feature for the AAJA community.

Like I wrote in my application essay, “the journalistic successes motivated me to dedicate myself to every chance that would upgrade my professional knowledge, especially this incredible opportunity to professional train and network. ” We are supposed to have the opportunity for building up journalistic skills through training, working with professional journalists, making our own assignments and developing our portfolios. Now I start contacting my editor from this project and setting up pre-conventions training.  Also, the selected student finalists are friending each other on Facebook. I think it’s pretty cool to meet so many people who share the same dream in Journalism. I really look forward to the trip and convention in Detroit, MI!


Link to AAJA Voice Program



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gugutree
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 15:09:56

    Congrats! and hope to hear more about this program from you~


  2. zhoyoyo
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 23:23:15

    That’s not “looks like;” that is real!! That’s wonderful and really jealous!


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