First time celebrate birthday in the States

June 9 Thursday is my birthday. It’s the second time when I couldn’t celebrate birthday with my family. Last year I was interning in Guangzhou, but this year is the first time in a different country. I’m not an emotional person and I’m not worrying about eating a birthday cake alone. To my surprise, my American Mamma comes and celebrate my birthday with me. She makes MY DAY!

We eat at a restaurant. Mamma dresses up for my day with her pretty nice blouse, yet I  didn’t dress up for my birthday at all. And I hate to wear glasses which makes me look bad…

I interview my subject for the video project of J2150 after eating with Mamma.

And here’s the birthday cake and a gift from my best friend. She’s in China now, but she contacts my friend here and brings such a surprise at 12 am!

It’s the sweetest sweetest sweetest cake I’ve ever had in my life! Both in terms of the taste and the significance! Uh, I still have a sweet tooth and I love the lemon flavor:)




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