A story of my project subject

My story pitch is to give voice to people with disabilities.  My subject is Jason, the president of People First of Boone County, which is a self-advocacy organization that helps people with developmental disabilities.  I photographed him when they were holding a fundraising event through car washing last Saturday at a gas station. Through interviewing and talking with Jason, I understand one of the main focuses of their community is that we are all the same, either with or without disabilities. The fundraising event would enable the People First to support themselves, sponsoring them to have more events to advocate themselves against discrimination.

Jason has been involved in People First from 2000, and he is playing an active role in public education on treating people with disabilities equally. He has been involved in getting rid of the “R” word and rights advocacy. Jason has also been contributing to the interests of their community such as rights, education, raising social awareness and board member election.

“What I do is treating all the members as a family. I’m just part of that family. I treat everybody with same dignity and respect. When they have problems, they would come to me because I listen to them, and maybe I can help. I’m no difference, and no one is special. I’m just Jason.–Jason


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