Diving into the world of photojournalism

I learned a lot from viewing photos from my classmates, especially through learning from the comments, critiques and feedbacks from Steve and the class. I was kind of nervous before my assignment showed up on the screen. However, I think it looked nice when it showed up. I was satisfied with the composition and the meaning of the photo, and I think Steve did, too. He helped me with editing to enhance the photo by highlighting certain parts. Then I got a basic understanding of what should do and what shouldn’t do when journalists edit photos. We can adjust the photo based on what our eyes have seen; otherwise, we can’t alter the color, shape, composition, etc. When one of my best friends heard that I’m using Photoshop Elements in class, she was very happy because she thought I could help her edit and beautify her photos. I told her that I cannot because those tools for alteration were said to be prohibited for photojournalism at the beginning of the class.

The lecture of ethical dilemma left me in a mood of depression. I guess it was because most of the photos showed were so sad. If we forget about the ethical dilemma, then I would say, those photos work in terms of touching people with emotion (otherwise I wouldn’t be so sad after class). However, one thing came to my mind was that as journalists, we are not supposed to use others’ tragic experiences and make our audience cry. It would be nice if we combine human interests in our stories or photos, but we cannot scarify “humanity” merely for “human interests.” They subjects we capture are human beings. They have minds and soul, and they have feelings. I will always remember one of the most important codes for photojournalism: Treating the subjects with respects. It was a serious lecture, and it made me think a lot.

I hope National Press Photographers Association Code of Ethics would inspire you and help you make ethical decisions:



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  1. gugutree
    May 30, 2011 @ 05:35:14

    Hey, I just wanna tell you I REALLY LOVE that photo of red roses! You’re so talented!


  2. gugutree
    May 30, 2011 @ 05:37:47

    Hey, I just wanna tell you I LOVE that photo of red roses. You’re so talented!


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