My first weekend at the summer school

J2150 is a practical course to train journalism students with multimedia skills. Many students, including me, chose journalism as their major because they love writing, reading and reporting. However, writing and reporting skills are not enough for today’s journalism. With such an intensive training during the 7 weeks, I expect to be a tech-savvy journalism student. It makes me feel good to think that I will not feel confused about the basic techniques anymore when I need to do a multimedia story after this summer course.

When I took pictures with the D7000 camera rented from the library, I didn’t feel as nervous as I thought I would be. Photography is such a practical discipline that you could not learn it merely through reading the instructions. Taking the same pictures with different setting up was a lot of fun and really helped. For the Seeing Red assignment, I took pictures in the afternoon when the sunlight was not too strong. I wanted to take some pictures of sunrise, but it was raining that morning. Lucky me, I finished three photos before for unexpected circumstances like this.

For my story ideas, I was kind of nervous to be the first student to present it in class. Steve asked me detailed questions to make sure that the pitch would be done successfully. I was glad that my subject is so helpful and willing to talk about his experience. I called him several times and explained that I need to film and interview him several times. He agreed without hesitation. I really wish my project could give them voice, which is one of the duties for journalists.

I’m thinking of some multimedia journalistic stories to share with the class and I suddenly feel that my video could be an interesting example! I anchor for a Chinese project at, and the mission of Newsy is to tell a story with multiplesources and in multimedia format. I attached the link to the English story after the my first Chinese version.


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